Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga

500-Hour DSYFYoga Teacher Training

500-Hour Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Training (DSYFYoga)

About the Program

This training is the complete masterpiece created by Beta & Sai’s work together.
The 2 professionals offer a unique comprehensive program based on their dedicated lifetime spiritual path.
It combines the yang and yin aspects of working with the fascial and the 5 elements. This program will shift you in many positive ways and is a perfect tool to support your work as a healer or just to give you precious tools to invigorate your personal healing journey.
Dynamic Spiral Yoga practice is a Fascial movement exploration through combining elements of Qigong, Gyrokinesys, Spontaneous and Spirals movements. With a strong and steady background practice, Beta and Sai will teach in a traditional yet grounded way combining the main sequence with traditional Hatha Yoga postures, Sun Salutations and the whole concept of Spinal and Fascia Release Flow.
The Yin Fascial Yoga is a practice which combines 5 elements. Qigong, Mindfulness, Myofascial Release, TCM, tools to bring effectiveness to the yoga practice to become a trauma healing focus. All combined with effective fascial healing using stillness and movement in the poses.
The Dynamic Spiral Yoga comes together with Yin Fascial Yoga offering balance to the whole system. The Dynamic Spiral Yoga is the yang practice related to the fascial movement. Re-educating the body and mind for a new way of united tridimensional movement, on fascial!
It combines the yang and yin aspects of working with Yoga, Fascia, and 5 Elements Qigong. This program will shift you in many positive ways and is a perfect tool to support your work as a healer or just to give you precious tools to invigorate your personal healing journey. This is an in-depth self-transformation journey where you going to have a chance to:-
  • experience daily Yin and Yang Yoga practices
  • practice silence
  • learn and practice mindfulness
  • rejuvenate from trauma healing Breathwork sessions
  • join in Satsangs
  • partake in Cacau and plant medicine ceremonies led by Amazonian shaman
  • have time for journaling and reflections in a most serene beautiful surrounding
The program will be offered in a progressive methodology, starting from the first week with the basis and foundation of the DSYFYoga system. As we arrive to the end of the last week students are expected to be able to embody fascia based practice, build different levels of classes both Yin Fascial and Dynamic Spiral yoga, teach the basics of mindfulness, embody basic Qigong forms.
There will be practical and written exams for students who are applying for 500-hour certificate.
For each week of 6.5 days of training there will be 1.5 day resting and integration time. On this time you can chill on the beach, take surf classes or rent a board, have a trip to beautiful waterfalls and lagoons, visit the local villages and have a tour on the cacau plantations.
The retreat center is on the beach front.
Daily Schedule
6am – 8am – yoga practice
8am – 10am – Breakfast
10am – 1pm – Lectures
1pm – 3pm – lunch break
4pm – 5:45pm – Yoga practice
5:45pm – 6pm – snack break
6pm – 8pm – lectures


Who is it For?

  • For yoga teachers or/and students who are aiming to graduate in the unique program with an accredited school (International Yoga Alliance)
  • For those who would like to practice a more fluid, balanced and effective yin and yang asana practice
  • For those who would like to learn an in-depth Yin Fascial Yoga program
  • For those who would like to learn Dynamic Spiral Yoga style
  • For those who would like to learn how to integrate Dynamic Spiral concepts into their currently yoga practice
  • Those who want to understand and experience Trauma Release though yoga, Breathwork and Myofascia Release
  • For those interested in learning about the Myofascia Release technique into Yoga to open, heal and release Myofascial tissues
  • For those who are looking to study a well-balanced program of Yin and Yang qualities of Yoga
  • For those who are interested in learning the Chakra system form an emotional, psychological & spiritual viewpoint
  • For those who would like to learn more in-depth 5 Elements Daoist philosophy
  • For those who would like to learn and experience the combination of Yoga and 5 elements Qigong
  • For those who want to experience a deeper insight and integration into the whole spectrum of Yoga (spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies)
  • For those who are seeking to gain more confidence in their personal expression towards the art of teaching Yoga
  • For those who are looking to experience all possible levels of development of the 3 bodies (physical, emotional and casual)
  • For devoted practitioners who are looking to deepen their meditation practice and carry it through into their teachings
  • For those who are looking to deepen in Mindfulness

How it Works

The full 500-hour program:

400 Contact Hours comprising of:

  • 5 Residential Ongoing Weeks in Brazil (July 26th to August 30th, 2020)
  • 4 Live Webinars 2 hours each with Beta & Sai for Q&A (post Residential Trainings)
  • 1 weekly live online classes of 2 hours for 11 weeks each with Beta or Sai (post Residential Trainings)

100 Non-contact Hours comprising of:

  • Teach 10 classes of 1.5 hours per module = 60 hours with Report and Video
  • Preparation of Lesson Plans
  • Written Feedback from their Classes
  • Book Reading with Comments and Questions (starts as soon as your registration is confirmed)
  • 30 hours Online Classes on Philosophy and Anatomy of Yoga, and Daoism


What you will Learn

  • Dynamic Spiral Yoga foundational and flow asana practices, methodology and teachings
  • Fascia anatomy & physiology
  • Anatomy applied to yoga
  • Energetic fascia anatomy
  • Philosophy and History of yoga and Daoism
  • 5 elements organ system; lectures and practice
  • Yin Fascia Yoga asana practice, methodology and teachings
  • Myofascial Release: use of props and balls, cupping therapy, self-myofascial release and fascia adjustments
  • How to set up a business for the DSYFYoga program after becoming a certified teacher
  • Development of the chakra system with an emotional and psychological approach
  • Chakras applied in the postures sequences for classes
  • TCM meridians for the subtle body experience in the postures
  • Vital essence Trauma Healing breathwork
  • Lectures on Trauma biology and Polyvagal theory
  • Lectures on how to support students on trauma release during class
  • Mindfulness lectures, practices and meditations
  • Mindfulness techniques to hold a safe space in the yoga classes
  • Practice of Noble silence
  • A very experiential training learning through practicing
  • Self-developmental experience


500-hour DSYFYoga Program: 4970 Euros


  • Training fee
  • Studying manual
  • 5 weeks sharing accommodation in a very comfortable cottage
  • Daily vegetarian brunch and dinner
  • Delicious local snacks
  • Transportation from and to Iheus Airport or Bus Station

Want to join in parts?


300-Hour Program (last 3 weeks + online program)- 3970 Euros 


400-Hour Program (last 4 weeks + online program) – 3970 Euros


200-Hour Program (first 3 weeks, NO online program included) – 3500 Euros

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