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The DSYF Yoga Journey


The Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga programme was born from different schools and backgrounds, which complement each other, growing this training as a unique, powerful, vibrant, rich and an incredible tool for your transformation to grow as a human being or as a facilitator of this experiences. What distinguishes this modality is a deep, steady, regular, devoted practice which provides the empirical, cognitive and intellectual knowledge to pass on to the students. This constellation of lifestyle and mastery, provides the trainees with the tools to step out of the box, overcoming the belief programs that obstacle the Self to thrive.

From the traditions of the Indian Yoga, to the majesty of the Chinese Culture, this blend of teachings offer a medicine for a life changing, powerful yet grounding transformation. A very supportive yet smooth approach that will guide you into a powerful heart opening work into self-realisation.

The vision of producing healing workshops and trainings came with grace as Beta started to travel the world sharing her passion. Bali, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Poland, Thailand, Goa and many more. The results of more then 5 years spreading this teachings with various partnering Yogis and Facilitators has translated in more then 500 students who attended the training and became teachers, healers and facilitators around the world. «A divine growth and expansion on knowledge, practice, teachings and a life’s sharing together», as Beta defines it.

The aim is to continue guiding people to reconnect with their bodies, how to live a present, joyful and peaceful life.

Beta Lisboa, a Brazilian passionate spiritual seeker, is the founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system. Beta works as a Yoga teacher, Trauma Release Healer, Myofascial Body Therapist and Author.

After much research over 25 years of learnings, Beta’s passion focuses on women’s embodiment and trauma healing. Beta’s school of yoga advocated over more than 500 graduates in 20 different countries. With more than 25 years of experience in the healing and teaching field, Beta accumulates over 1000 hours of teachings.

At the moment Beta is offering 250H Trauma healing facilitator training as well as 50H, 200H and 500H of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga trauma informed trainings. All her yoga trainings are yin and yang fascia awareness basis programs. DSYFYoga is very feminine orientated, focusing on women’s embodiment and transformation.

Beta’s work is deeply influenced by the fields of mindfulness, trauma healing and Fascia based yoga. Her teachings continue to be one of the most inspiring and life changing experiences for both the body and the soul.

Beta´s work as a teacher, guide, and wellness practitioner transcends the physical realm and facilitates an inward & outward journey that is deeply revealing, nourishing, healing and empowering. Her knowledge, wisdom, dedication, passion, offerings and being are truly a gift to this world.

Beta has been living in between India and Bali for the last 15 years and she keeps on traveling around Europe and South America to share her trainings and retreats.

For more information, visit betalisboa.com.

Words from the community

"I had a really fruitful and enjoyable time with these beautiful teachers (Beta and Sai) and learnt a number of key pointers for healthy plantar fascial! Really excited to share and integrate these into my classes!"

- Mingli Lin

Yoga Instructor

"Beta and Sai offered their in depth experiential knowledge with such generosity, care, love and dedication. My time with them was life changing and deeply fulfilling. I love their work and look forward to more trainings and moments with them in the future."

- Asa Sokol Kubiak

Performance Artist, Coach and Movement Explorer

"After completing and graduating recently from the 300 hours of Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training... I can say, without a doubt I'm more solid in my skills, knowledge and capabilities when it comes to understanding the body, breath, energy and mindfulness on such a deep level."

- Jennifer Macniven

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