Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga



Dynamic Spiral Yoga is a Fascia focused movement system.

Fascia in Motion

It combines Traditional Hatha yoga asana in a flow sequence with explorative Fascia spiral movement patterns inspired by Qigong, Gyrokynesis and spontaneous conscious movement.

Dynamic Spiral Yoga is a graceful and feminine practice, with a Yang energetic quality of fascia movement which works directly opening up and hydrating, strengthening, conditioning and nourishing the whole Myofascial system in our bodies.

The foundation of Dynamic Spiral Yoga is based on the deep spiral lines movement rising from the center core of the body in order to release, strength and conditioning the fascial system and whole body network.

The Movement

The movement of the spiral into three dimensions behaves like a coiling spring, creating strength through the entire Myofascial system, boosting it with an abundance of life’s force energy.

Each Spiral fascial movement starts from a nucleus of energetic activity, expanding outwards, as a fern unfurls and spirals up through it’s growth cycle to full bloom.

Life is full of these spiral movements from the spiral arm galaxies down to the way gases and water spirals and eddies in its flow. 

When we apply this phenomena to the human body we can use this foundation of movement as a fundamental pattern for strength and spiritual alignment. It becomes a means to re-align the Physical energetic system of the body through it’s natural spiral based architecture.

The Spiral movement can be observed through many areas of the Spiritual and self-development world, in the spiraling Kundalini rising, Balinese dancers, Spiraling Shamans and Daoist Priests. Into the power of Nature and the coiling snake building energy ready to leap into action. In the Alexander Technique the Double Spirals are responsible for the flexibility and upright capabilities of the human structure. Tom Myers Fascial Lines, the Spiral lines supports all the rotational movement at the core of the body out to it’s periphery.


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